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  • As a National Certified Master Groomer and Stylist it is my commitment to provide care with kindness, patience, respect and compassion, and ensuring the safety, health and well-being for all pets.

    My goal is to provide professional behavior and maintain My Business with honesty and integrity toward each Client at all times while encouraging professionalism, compassion and participation in continuing with Breed Education within the Industry.

    The Gallery presented here provides a sampling of Breed Standards showcasing the Animals Coats.

    Selective breeding has led to the development of dogs with a myriad of different coat characteristics and different grooming needs. Some breeds have hair that grows continuously and does not shed. These breeds of dog require regular trips to the ‘doggy salon’ for a shampoo and cut. Breeds such as huskies, malamutes and many retrievers have long, thick hair coats with both an outer coat of ‘guard hairs’ and an undercoat of fine hair that serves as an insulating layer. These breeds often go through two heavy seasonal shedding cycles per year (late spring and late fall), during which much of the undercoat falls out in clumps. Many short-haired breeds lack a distinctive undercoat, and these breeds often shed hair in low levels all year round.

    Dogs with long hair may be more comfortable if their coat is cut short for the summer, depending on the circumstances. This haircut should be done before the temperature becomes too high, so that the exposed skin does not become damaged from sunburn.