• De-Shedding

  • Dog de-shedding tools and cat de-shedding tools are similar, although cat tools tend to be smaller. The “Furminator” is one of the highest-recommended and marketed de-shedding tools with models designed for cats and dogs of all sizes and hair types.

    To use a de-shedding tool, separate the coat into layers as you would for a comb-out and run the tool over the layers like a comb. Remove the fur that adheres to the tines regularly to keep the tool easy-to-use and effective.

    While the de-shedding tool prevents mats and tangles, it does not easily or comfortably remove them, so it should be used regularly, about once a week, in order to maintain a well-groomed coat. Winter and summer, the tool can be used according to schedule, but users will notice that the bulk of fur removal happens in spring and summer when cats naturally shed. Therefore, users do not need to worry about the de-shedding tool thinning out a thick coat. It will not cut hair that is attached to the follicle.

    Cat owners will see less build up of extra hair on furniture, clothing and under the couch if the de-shedding tool is used regularly.